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The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future

CFJF Newsletter, February 2012

July 11, 2012


The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future is the most significant philanthropic undertaking in Pittsburgh's Jewish history, providing immediate and ongoing funding to make quality Jewish learning and engagement available to everyone.
  By ensuring that Pittsburgh's youth have opportunities for Israel travel, Jewish camping, and both formal and informal education, the Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future is transforming our community into one in which learning, participation, and strong identity is the rule rather than the exception.

In Israel travel…

Pictured are some of the members of the Moravitz family - Ben, Ed, Flo Mae, Joy, and Jennifer – who traveled
to Israel this past October to dedicate a plaque in Karmiel in honor of Flo Mae and in memory of their
beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Stanley, z"l.

Endowment Fund Creates Countless Opportunities for Educational Israel Travel

Flo Mae Moravitz has established a gift in perpetuity in memory of her late husband, Stanley - a Pittsburgh native and devout Zionist and philanthropist - that provides needs-based scholarships for Pittsburgh's youth to travel in Israel. As part of a recent contribution to the Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future (CFJF), the Stanley (z"l) and Flo Mae Moravitz Israel Scholarship Endowment Fund will impact the next generation of Jewish Pittsburgh for years to come by offering subsidies to local teens and young adults traveling on accredited programs to Israel. MORE

In Jewish Camping…

A special thank you to the Papernick Family Foundation for their support of the One Happy Camper program for the 2012 summer! This program has helped nearly 200 kids go to Jewish overnight camp over the past two summers by providing $1,000 incentive grants for parents sending their children to a Jewish overnight camp for the first time. A recent local survey found that 20% of grantees were not involved with a synagogue school and 38% have NEVER been involved with a JCC. Further, at Emma Kaufmann Camp, the most common destination for Pittsburgh campers, almost 90% of grantees chose to return to camp after their first year, exceeding the national average of 80%.


In formal education…

Our three Jewish day schools have embarked on an ambitious campaign, offering free tuition for new students’ first academic year. This CFJF initiative not only has enticed parents to send their children to our growing schools but has gained national recognition as an innovative approach to bring Jewish education to more children. The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education recently awarded the day schools a Challenge Award for Innovative Programming! Between Yeshiva Schools, Hillel Academy, and Community Day, 11 students took advantage of this amazing offer for the 2011-2012 school year.
In informal education…

Thanks to Edward and Linda Goldston, the Samuel M. Goldston Teen Philanthropy Project has been endowed through the Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future. Administered by the Agency for Jewish Learning, this program empowers b’nai mitzvah to make important philanthropic decisions. Each member of the project donates $500 to the pool, which is matched by the Jewish Community Foundation. The teens are charged with choosing causes worthy of their commitment, a task that entails interviews, site visits, and consultations with leading philanthropic experts. Started in 2006, the Teen Philanthropy Project has awarded over $94,000 to date to various charitable causes. The Samuel M. Goldston Teen Philanthropy Project received the Outstanding Philanthropic Innovation Award for 2008 in recognition of its exceptional contributions to the southwestern Pennsylvania community by the Western PA Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Watch for more exciting news of how CFJF is making a difference – for our children and our community. For more information, please contact Sharon Perelman at sperelman@jfedpgh.org or 412-992-5224.